Founder Yakymenko Dmytrii

“Sooner or later, people will realize that high end brands are just “a show off” and will start using what they really like.”


Hello everyone my name is Dmytrii; I am the founder and chief craftsman of BBHandcrafted.



It all started in my friend’s small shoe workshop, back in 2014 when I was living in Ukraine. I often went there and spent a lot of time with him. And somehow, over time, I started to adopt the craft of working with leather from him. Once I took an old piece of leather from his shop and made a simple wallet. It only took me a few hours, but all my friends were very impressed with the outcome. For many years I was making things only for friends and family.

“When I saw someone’s leather wallet made in minimalist style, I understood its value to the owner.”



In 2018, we created our own website, an Instagram page and opened a Amazon & Etsy shop. In the very beginning our marketing solution was to send advertising letters to the admirers of handmade things, which helped us to find our first customers. Over the past year, we have received a huge number of positive reviews and now our brand started to advertise itself!

Every day, interest in our products is rapidly growing, and we understand that we are not paying enough attention to the online marketing and SMM.



The work process starts with a pattern that is drawn on paper. The leather is measured and trimmed the way that will show all the natural marks on it- you will see scars or oily ripples of the animal — the beauty of the leather! After that, the individual parts are sewed together using saddle stitch method to create the strongest bond — even if one thread breaks during the lifetime of the product, the product remains intact. We leave raw edges that add brutality and naturalness to our products. Each product has its own story!


“We do not make fancy products — it is rather a vintage style! Our high quality products are simple but at the same time convenient to use.”



Our products are not only purses and bags; we make a lot of leather accessories. BBHandcrafted products are made in vintage style considering the fineness of minimalism. They are unique, simple, and exceptional! We give a lifetime warranty for all our customers!


“I realized that I will be doing this all of my life! This is my passion! I love it!”


Our future.

First of all I want to thank everyone who supports us. We make a lot of efforts to make sure you are happy and satisfied with our products. In 2021, we plan to open a local store in Los Angeles. Our customers have been asking about this for a long time, and we also understand that this is very important, and will be a new step for us. We have many interesting ideas and plans for you!








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