9 types of genuine leather for bags and wallets.

9 types of genuine leather for bags and wallets.

When choosing a new bag or wallet, buyers first of all pay attention to the appearance of the accessory and only then evaluate its functionality, practicality, quality of tailoring and materials. Leather handbags and purses for women, which have not gone out of fashion for many years, are in great demand. They are durable, durable, easily fit into any look.

Manufacturers offer accessories made from various natural materials, so buying a leather bag is not an easy task. What to choose - flotar, suede with laser coating, crazy horse or alcor, you can decide only knowing the characteristics of these types of leather.


Flotar is one of the most popular types of genuine leather for bags. This is a specially processed material with an interesting facial structure of irregular cells (they look like natural folds). Flotar accessories have a matte finish.

The main features of the floatar are softness, strength, elasticity, durability. It easily lends itself to dyeing in the production of various products, has a rich persistent shade and is presented in a wide range of colors - more than 60 options.


Polished leather.
The lacquered women's bag is made of genuine leather with a coating having a glossy surface. Smooth glitter remains popular, although not suitable for every look.

This material is obtained using the chrome tanning method. It can be given not only a natural color, but also bright sparkling or matte shades. High-quality patent leather is quite stringy and durable, easily withstands multiple bends. But it is important to remember that low and high temperatures can negatively affect it: the optimal range is from -9 C ° to +19 C °.


This material is produced using a similar technology to the previous one, but the result is slightly different. The naplag has a softer and less glossy shine than in lacquer handbags, which only adds to its charm. The varnish layer is thin here, without ugly creases.

A leather shoulder bag or other napkin accessory looks expensive. The material is often used when sewing exclusive items. Another advantage of products made from this leather is that they are resistant to temperature extremes.


Suede leather.
Popular types of genuine leather include suede, both regular and laser coated. Suede bags with a delicate fleecy surface are timeless classics and a real must-have for every girl following fashion trends.

Natural suede is the skin of a lamb, deer, goat or pig, dressed in a special way. It is easy to distinguish an original from a fake - just move your hand over it. If it is real, the color will change, faux suede, on the contrary, will retain its original shade. Suede products look luxurious and expensive, but require special care using professional products.

Laser-coated suede accessories look beautiful and last longer. A special film layer protects the bag from external influences and dirt and does not require special care.


Crazy horse.
This is one of the relatively new types of leather for bags. In the process of exploitation, crazy horse acquires a vintage look: the effect of aging appears. The natural material, although it is called "wild horse", is made from the hide of cattle.

Crazy horse has the property of changing color and lightening in places of bends, kinks or tension. Scratches and other marks of damage easily appear on vintage leather (which, by the way, can be easily removed with an eraser or a damp sponge), but this only adds to its "old-fashioned" charm. At the beginning of operation, the bag can paint light and white things, since the material is not covered with additional varnishes.


Oily skin.
One of the types of leather processing for bags is thorough grinding and impregnation with an oil composition. This is how oily leather is made, from which chic accessories with a "harvester" effect are sewn. The material has a "bold" look, but it looks impressive and is practical. Broken lines give it originality.

Bags with a long strap or two handles made of oily leather do not wear out for a long time and look attractive throughout the entire period of use.


Oil-like leather.
The popular varieties of natural materials include coated leather. Not only backpacks, women's and men's leather bags, wallets are sewn from it, but also shoes. The new processing technology is also used by such a well-known manufacturer as Dr. Martens.

The main advantages of the material are excellent performance, durability, attractive appearance. Leather "under oil" is considered budgetary and has an acceptable cost, which has a positive effect on the prices of finished products.


Polished leather.
Polished genuine leather - quite hard and firm to the touch, without wrinkles, it is smooth and light shine. This material is great for bags: it easily maintains the shape of the product. Briefcases, business and oversized full-size bags are sewn from polished leather. It makes accessories expensive and presentable. Specific treatment protects the material from mechanical damage and makes it water-repellent.


To buy a women's bag made of Alcor leather means to become the owner of an accessory made of vintage natural material with an expressive texture. The beautiful front surface gives wallets, belt bags, money clips a presentable and expensive look. Leather is produced in a wide variety of colors.

The prices for bags and wallets made of genuine leather are different, it all depends on the type of material and the size of the accessory. But it is important to remember that leather products are of high quality, durable, wear-resistant, durable and, of course, beautiful!