Advantages of a handmade leather wallet, master classes

Every person would like to have a beautiful and convenient wallet. Ladies want their accessory to match outfits and fashion, men are interested in the status of a wallet. The process of creating an original product takes place under the strict control of the master, therefore it acquires artistic value. An exclusive handmade leather wallet is a bargain for connoisseurs of classic style, because the material is always up-to-date, regardless of changing trends. A similar item is of high quality and durability.

Features and benefits of the product
Leather accessories have always been and are at the top of fashion. Especially custom-made products. Handmade leather wallets for women and men emphasize the individuality and wealth of their owner. Leatherworkers try to satisfy every whim of the client, making the items functional and practical. Personal design ensures that the wallet will be unique, made in a single copy. It is these features and advantages that make it so popular.

Handmade wallets are in great demand among customers. But not everyone can afford such an acquisition. An important disadvantage is the high cost of the product. However, given the excellent quality and durability of the masterpiece, it is safe to say that the costs will be justified.

Manufacturers of exclusive leather wallets give a guarantee for the work done.

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Sizes and colors
When purchasing a leather wallet or purse, you need to take into account not only the external attractiveness of the product, but also its size. Models for women should easily fit into a handbag. Handmade genuine leather men's wallet should be chosen in accordance with the dimensions of the pockets of trousers, jacket and other seasonal clothes. The optimal parameters for classic accessories are:

ladies' - height 9–12 cm, length 20–25 cm;
for men - height 9–12 cm, length 12–15 cm;
in the form of a purse - height 13-15 cm, width 8-10 cm.
The optimum thickness of a leather wallet is 2-3 cm. This indicator will provide comfort while walking. Also, the product will not protrude too much out of the pocket.

The stronger sex gives preference to handmade leather wallets of strict, restrained colors. Ladies choose a brighter palette with romantic designs, eye-pleasing patterns. Men most often stop at the following color schemes:

Women's wallets come in a variety of colors. Handicrafts can be red, pink, yellow, green, blue. More rational ladies choose classic shades of gray, black, white and beige.

According to feng shui, the size of a wallet can have a different effect on the owner, so you should choose the right width, length and thickness.

The choice of the color of the product in this case depends on the date of birth of the owner, namely, the last digit of the year. There are 5 types of elements that can determine the individual color scheme of the handmade wallet according to the Chinese calendar.

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Various types of leather are used to make a quality handmade wallet. These materials are easy to sew, cut, emboss. One of the best options is considered to be natural smooth leather with a presentable appearance. In addition, they apply:

tanned leather;
boiled skin;
The lifespan of a handmade product will depend entirely on the material of manufacture. The suede accessory will last much longer due to its high durability. The rough texture of this type of leather gives the wallet an original look and is pleasant to the touch.

Cheap but popular pigskin (thin, smooth). It is successfully used in the manufacture of purses with and without embossing. The disadvantage is a porous structure that quickly gets wet from water. From this, the product becomes unusable after a short time.

Eco-leather consists of two layers - woven fabric, polymer. Strong, durable polyurethane is used for the coating. The base is polyester or cotton. This combination provides the wallet with:

good air circulation;
low wear during operation;
resistance to subzero temperatures;
lack of unpleasant odors;
minimum production costs.
The quality of the material is not inferior to natural leather, has a low cost.

Due to its strength, boiled leather was used in the distant past for the manufacture of the following products:

book covers;
durable, heavy boots;
various cases;
Due to its positive qualities, boiled leather was used even for the manufacture of helmets during the First World War.

Before getting into the hands of a master, tanned leather is painstakingly processed for a long time. The presence of tannins gives the material, and, accordingly, the handmade wallet certain qualities:

moisture capacity decreases;
stiffness increases;
improves elasticity and strength;
increased wear resistance.
There are two main types of leather tanning: chrome and vegetable tanning.

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Suede wallet
Suede leather
How to do it yourself
To make a leather wallet yourself, certain skills are required. You will also need a mandatory set of materials, tools and fixtures. It is better for beginners to first familiarize themselves with the master classes, of which there are quite a few now.

Women's wallet
Unlike men's wallets, handmade ladies' products shine with a variety of shapes and unique designs. Usually women choose an accessory considering the freedom of placement in a purse. But there are other options as well. For example, in the form of a clutch, designed to be carried by hand. In most cases, the fair sex gives preference to classic rectangular models.

The main difference between ladies' and classic men's wallets is the observance of the proportions of height and length. This allows banknotes to fit seamlessly inside the product without losing their original appearance. The clutch is closed with a metal clasp or a button located at the bottom of the front of the accessory. In the case of an individual order, a handmade women's leather wallet is made depending on the client's taste preferences. Additionally, zippers, Velcro, buttons can be inserted.

An elegant version of a ladies' leather clutch is a small handbag in the shape of an envelope. It is usually made without a handle or strap, which allows it to be worn under the arm, in the hands. The accessory has gained popularity among fashionistas due to its impeccable combination with most outfits.

The process of making a handmade women's leather wallet consists of the following steps:

First of all, we determine the size of the future product, we take into account the parameters of the notes.
We draw up a drawing, not forgetting about the seam allowances. The average wallet size is 80 x 172 mm.
We cut out a pattern from thick paper.
Smooth natural leather with an iron, covering it with paper.
We wait for it to cool down, make markings on the pattern with an alcohol felt-tip pen.

We cut with a clerical knife or scalpel, pressing with a metal ruler along the marking lines. For convenience, you can put corrugated cardboard under your skin.
We sew a wallet, which will be 2 sections with a compartment for storing plastic cards. The pocket should correspond to the size of the card, with a seam allowance of approximately 60 x 100 mm.
Apply glue Moment along the seam marking line, but from the seamy side of the skin.
We draw a marking along the seam line with a step of 5 mm to obtain equal stitches in length.
We drill holes (1 mm in diameter) for easy passage of the needle through the skin or use a line punch.
We sew with waxed linen threads or lavsan, nylon. We securely fasten the ends of the threads in the knots. Small round cutouts can be made on the sides for convenience.
We sew at the seams, finish with a double stitch, melt the ends of the threads with a soldering iron or a lighter.
Lubricate the nodules with glue.
We install the button-fastener as an element of decoration and fixing the valve of the product. We make a blow with a punch on the part of the button with sharp edges.
We expand the protruding element, check the operation of the button.
In conclusion, you can apply an embossing or pattern to the surface of the wallet with an electric lighter. An exclusive handmade leather product is ready.
The needle must be inserted between the folds of the skin from the wrong side. Before cutting, you should first practice on paper so as not to spoil the leather fabric and cut the wallet correctly.

Men most often order wallets of classic shapes, which may differ:

decorative trim;
additional pockets, compartments;
patch of logos.
When ordering, they try to choose such parameters so that the leather product looks elegant, strict, harmonious. For example, a men's wallet "square" opens like a book. There are side sections for storing business cards, plastic cards. Usually such wallets are closed with a metal button. The individuality of the accessory is complemented by:

a patch of decor made of leather, rough fabrics;
The vertical rectangular shape of wallets, reminiscent of a passport cover, is in fashion now. Handmade leather wallets for men have many compartments, but, unlike women's models, they are usually not equipped with a clasp.

To make an ordinary handmade leather wallet, you will need the following tools: a clerical knife, a line punch, a ruler, a rubber hammer, a special cutter, double-sided tape, a pencil or alcohol marker, buttons, special needles for leather, waxed threads.

We take cardboard 0.5 mm, cut with a ruler and a clerical knife figures in the amount of 11 pieces:

the main part of the wallet - 189 x 111 mm;
internal - 170 x 110 mm;
three front pockets - 111 x 47 mm;
six internal - 104 x 47 mm;
strap, 2 parts - 90 x 20 mm.
Mark the place of the future fold with a felt-tip pen. We cut out the leather using a ruler and a cutter strictly according to the finished template. From the received parts, we begin to make a pocket for a wallet. Sew the elements with a decorative stitch on top. Then we take the main part, glue the first front pocket with adhesive tape. We attach the second front pocket in the same way. On the third, before gluing and sewing with a punch and a hammer, we make a 2 mm hole for the button, which will be mounted further using a hardware machine.

Moving on to the inside of the wallet. We sew the elements in the same way, we attach 6 remaining internal pockets along the bottom of the product. We make a strap. To do this, glue both blanks. On one side, you can make a rounding, stitch on three sides. Using double-sided tape - glue the strap to the base of the wallet, from the edge 30 mm, 45 mm from the side and stitch it.

After we got 2 assembled parts, we take the main part of the wallet, make a bend at the top by 6 mm and at the bottom - a spine. We do the same with the inner part, after which we glue it to the base on three sides with adhesive tape. Be sure to tap the gluing points with a hammer. We make the bend in turn, starting from the side of the strap, then stitch it. On the other side, we carry out the same actions. Finally, measure 10 mm from the edge of the strap, make a hole with a punch in the middle, insert the button.

The principle of making men's and women's leather wallets is similar, only the sizes, the number of parts are different.

Handmade leather wallets will never lose their relevance. Therefore, the choice of an original product should be approached with all responsibility. An accessory should ideally match the needs and status of its owner.