Genuine leather men's wallet: how to choose a good wallet or purse

My genuine leather wallet is the accessory I love more than anyone else. Even a sturdy roomy bag, which I also adore to a great extent, cannot compare in the pleasure of using with a magic leather wallet, my constant friend. I was lucky: I found exactly the one that meets all my requirements, is firmly and neatly sewn, the material is a wonderful dark brown leather, which has the property of aging beautifully. I want to wish the same to you, dear reader - to find and buy your wallet.
What should be guided by when choosing?
There are three important factors here: functionality, quality and appearance. Price is the fourth factor, but still it is secondary, since you can give decent money for a really good thing and not regret it at all.
Let's analyze each of them separately.
A good men's wallet is primarily a functional and convenient wallet. Convenience is determined by your personal needs and lifestyle. Someone needs a spacious zippered wallet with many compartments, someone likes to live light and a compact cardholder is enough for him. Thus, the first step on the path to a successful purchase is to identify needs: how many plastic cards do you have, how many documents do you carry with you (passport, driving license), where do you prefer to put change - in a special compartment or just put it in your pocket or bag ... Maybe you have some special requirements, for example, a place for a photo of a loved one or a special pocket for a SIM card or even a hidden compartment for large bills. And of course, an important question - where will you carry the wallet - in your bag, inside jacket pocket, or, perhaps, you are one of those daredevils who like to put it in the back pocket of jeans.
Outline your priorities and then you can start searching.
What types of wallets are there?
1. Bifold (Bi-fold)
Genuine Leather Men's Wallet / How to Distinguish Good Leather - Four-in-Hand Bumper
It has one main design feature - it consists of two halves (conditional) and opens like a book.
Differences may be in the details: the number of pockets for cards, whether there is a compartment for change, what type of fastener (zipper, button). Very often, such wallets do not close at all. Here is an example -
Moscow brand Kuznetsov & Yakunin. Holds bills and credit cards and small papers:

Kuznetsov and Yakunina - leather wallet
The bifold shape can be vertical. Typically, such a purse is made thin enough so that it can easily fit into the inner pocket of a jacket:
Garde (thinner):

Slim vertical wallet
Garde Vertical Wallet

E.K.Goods (thicker, but more powerful):


2. Tri-fold
The design of this type differs in that it involves three parts. The functionality, of course, is more here, but the thickness increases proportionately:


3. Compact wallet
For lovers of minimalism, there are such models:

You can also store cards and bills here, although paper money will have to be rolled up.
4. Cardholders and Money clips
A cardholder (card holder) can be designed exclusively for cards, or it can also have a holder (clip) for paper money. Its main advantage is that it does not take up much space. And this, at times, can become a decisive argument for a purchase.

Cardholder man's made of genuine leather

5. Travel wallet
There are special models that you take with you on the road. There are compartments for all the little things that can come along on the trip. However, many people take Travel holder for everyday use as well.

Travel wallet
The quality of a wallet is determined, firstly, by the quality of raw materials - leather or suede, which directly affects the appearance of the product (we will talk about this further); secondly, by the qualifications of the masters. In this matter, you can trust the brand and the store, or, if possible, see and touch the product yourself.
We recommend buying a genuine leather men's wallet. Trust me, this is the best choice possible. Real leather is the oldest material that humans have learned to work with; it is soft, durable and aesthetically pleasing. A leather substitute will bring nothing but frustration.


I see the state of the wallets of some of my acquaintances, who were stingy or inattentive to the issue of choice - it's a pity to look at their wallets. The fact is that over time, scuffs and superficial scratches appear on the surface of any product. There is nothing terrible in this, on the contrary - in a sense, these marks of life even adorn the thing. However, on one condition: the wallet is made of high quality genuine leather. Only in this case will he delight you with a natural beautiful patina. Faux leather is a cheap material, the cost of such products is low, but how long it will last is a big question. In addition, inexpensive leather wallets are not uncommon: many manufacturers, including domestic ones, competently build business processes, which allows them to set low prices for their products.



An important question is how the skin is processed. Basically, the entire cycle - from dehairing (removing all hair), impregnating the skins with oils to finishing - takes place at a tannery. Sometimes the manufacturer independently "refines" the leather by fatliquoring, waxing or dyeing to give the necessary vintage look to its products. So, for example, does Vladimir Shevchenko, the owner of the Moscow brand Incognito.
The thickness of the coating should not be too thick: the natural texture of the leather should be clearly visible. Too thick top layer may indicate initially low quality of raw materials. Usually, skin defects are closed in this way.
Handwork. Genuine leather wallets and purses presented in our online store of men's accessories are made by hand. However, clarification is needed here.


Not everyone has the same interpretation of the term “handmade”. Some advocate exclusively for considering as such products made by hand from beginning to end (necessarily including hand seam here). However, a wallet that is hand-cut and sewn on a sewing machine can also be considered “hand-made”. And often the machine seam is in no way inferior in quality to the so-called hand seam. Yes, the method in which the master first makes holes in the leather and then passes the thread through them is considered more reliable in the sense that when it breaks, the seam is weakened only on one side, while the other continues to securely fasten the parts. However, the argument can be made here that a good strong thread, even with a machine method, is unlikely to ever break.



The appearance is determined, firstly, as we said, the quality of the leather, that is, how good and natural the structure of its surface is. Secondly, and this already depends on the virtuosity of the master, how smooth and neat the seam is. Thirdly, the shape of the wallet itself, the size, thickness and harmony of its parts. The models are mostly standard - it is difficult to come up with something new here. But the details, the location of the compartments, the exact size - all this determines the final shape, and it all depends on the talent of the designer.

Wallet design

Colors and style
Traditionally, the color of a men's wallet is black or brown, as well as all shades of the latter. Black is more formal. Brown may look more interesting, but it's a more casual option. By the way, the wallet does not have to be one. It's okay to have a pair and change them from time to time. In addition to the conservative black and brown, other colors may be present in the man's arsenal, but it is advisable that they are not too bright.
A stylish wallet meets all the requirements listed above. Shape, quality of tailoring, beautiful material - all this is important. It is equally important to buy your own wallet - the one that is close to you in spirit; one that will be a good neighbor to the rest of your accessories and clothing. It is these considerations that are important to be guided by if you are looking for a wallet not only for yourself, but also as a gift. The character, personality of the future owner must be taken into account.
And most importantly, you should like the wallet. If so, buy it boldly.