How to choose a men's bag

A bag is the most important companion of any city dweller, and therefore it should be comfortable, beautiful and durable. Choosing a men's bag is not so difficult; it's just enough to know some of the nuances to which this article is devoted. So, meet the first post in our blog - an article on how to choose a quality men's bag.
First of all, you need to decide on the type of bag. There are a great variety of models on the market now, but all of them can be divided into several main groups. The key is to understand which bag format suits your needs the most.
Well, let's see what types of bags exist.

The folder is good for its compactness and light weight. Great for carrying a small amount of documents, tablet, netbook, ultrabook or small laptop. As a rule, it fastens with a zipper. Many folder bags can only be carried in hand, and this is inconvenient. Some firms fortunately equip their folders with a shoulder strap. These folders are much more comfortable to wear.

A messenger bag is much more spacious than a folder. As a rule, it has many internal pockets, loops for pens and pencils, various compartments. The messenger is very convenient: it can be carried on the shoulder, so your hands are always free. Such a bag is closed with a wide flap.


A briefcase is a more formal option than a messenger, which, by the way, must be combined with suits with great care. As a rule, a classic portfolio looks very strict and solid, but it gradually goes out of fashion: briefcases in a casual style are now more popular. They are very versatile, comfortable and roomy. In most cases, these briefcases are equipped with shoulder straps and comfortable handles.

The travel bag is ideal for those traveling on a business trip, vacation or travel. For everyday use, however, it is too large. A good travel bag will certainly have soft and secure handles and several pockets and compartments.
Let's not forget about backpacks. Many people think that they are only suitable for hiking and travel, but they are not. Now you can find some great small backpacks that go well with casual and military casual wear. Their volume is small, but the roominess is quite decent. The design of modern backpacks can be very different: from strict and a little harsh to very ironic and cheerful.
The size
Men's bag size

Of course, the size of the bag depends on its format. However, measurements can vary from model to model, and it may well be that a couple of centimeters will be critical for you.
When choosing a bag, determine what you want to wear in it. Check the diagonal of your laptop or ultrabook, see if the folder with documents will go into the bag. Thanks to the dimensions indicated on the website, it is not at all necessary to watch the bag live: it is enough to compare the dimensions of the bag with the dimensions of the largest things that you are going to carry in it.
Men's bags are made from a wide variety of materials. The most popular are genuine leather, thick cotton or synthetic fabric and imitation leather.
The most long-lived and hardy bags are made of leather. Conscientious manufacturers use durable leather, treated with special impregnations that protect it from moisture and dirt. Leather bags are easy to clean and look beautiful and elegant. With proper care, over time, the skin will age beautifully and acquire a patina.
Cotton and synthetic fabric is a good option, but only if it is treated with various impregnations and has a fairly large thickness. Good fabric serves for a long time and bravely endures all adversity: rain, frost and even dirt. Cloth bags and backpacks usually look less expensive than leather, but some brands combine fabric and leather, and the result is very stylish designs that go well with jeans, chinos, coats and other moderately informal clothing.


Perhaps the most unfortunate material for bags is leatherette. As a rule, bags made of leatherette do not last long and quickly lose their appearance. In addition, they often smell unpleasant; in the most advanced cases, the smell does not disappear.
Black bags are considered the most versatile, but they are also the most boring. Pay attention to the different shades of brown: bags of these colors are in fashion right now, and with brown shoes and jeans they can look great. For fans of the military style, bags and backpacks made of aged brown leather, as well as canvas (dense cotton fabric), can be a good option.


When choosing a quality bag, you should pay attention to the details. They can say a lot about the degree of conscientiousness of the manufacturer, about the general level of the bag, its quality and the possible duration of its life.
The shoulder strap is very important. Carrying a bag in your hands all the time can be tiring, and there are situations when you need to free your hands, so a shoulder strap will definitely not be superfluous. It is desirable that the belt is made of soft leather and has sufficient width so as not to "cut" the shoulder.
The handles should be soft and wide, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to carry the bag. It is great if the bag has a so-called handcuff - a wide strip of leather attached to the handles that you can wrap around the handles and fasten.
The seams should be straight, neat and very tight. Crooked seams and protruding threads are a sign of a bad product.
Internal equipment of the bag is an important issue. The more compartments and pockets the better. It is advisable to have at least one zipped pocket - for documents or money. A dedicated laptop compartment with a flap-clasp is also unlikely to be superfluous, as well as pockets for a phone, cards and pens.
Accessories for a good bag should be of high quality and beautiful. Zippers, rivets, buttons - everything must be solid, durable, and trustworthy. If you love the aesthetics of old things, choose bags with aged brass hardware: they have a special and unique charm.