Banknotes, credit cards, business cards, driver's licenses and season passes are all our daily companions, which should be quickly accessible and, preferably, organized. For these purposes, we buy wallets, purses and wallets, since the choice is huge both in terms of design and price preferences.

And if you (like many) thought that the difference between the mentioned accessories was only in the name, after reading our review you will understand all the intricacies of choosing a wallet and purse.

So, have you decided to thoroughly approach the choice of a wallet / purse / wallet? Excellent! Here is a professional guide from the store on the way to a successful, competent purchase. Go!

Different types, types and colors of men's and women's wallets

Where to start choosing an accessory? Yes, in order to decide what exactly we will choose - a purse or a wallet? A purse is an exclusively masculine attribute, while a wallet is an accessory for both women and men.

The men's wallet, which is similar in functionality to the women's wallet, is distinguished by a stricter design, clean lines, and the absence of decorative elements. It is flat, horizontal or vertical, with multiple compartments for bills and cards and (often) a secret zippered pocket.

A wallet is smaller in size than a wallet, and folds in half or three times. The clasp is missing, or there is a “strap” on the button.

Women's wallet is a real freedom for design ideas. Ladies' wallet is always large in size and horizontal type, with many compartments inside and a closing button or zipper running along the entire side. But this is just a cursory description, and further we will analyze the characteristics of each accessory in detail.

It is worth noting that today, people call a wallet a purse and vice versa (as they are used to or as it is more convenient), not knowing and not thinking whether the definition is correct, and whether there is a difference at all.

When choosing a wallet / purse, they are guided by five criteria - functionality, workmanship, type of material, appearance and price of the accessory.



The following men's wallets are distinguished by standard size:

Breast Wallet. We also call them men's wallets-bills. Large vertical wallets with several internal compartments for bills and plastic cards. These are vertical wallets where banknotes are stored in full size, without folding. Such a flat wallet is convenient to carry in a breast pocket, in a compact bag, or just in hand. It is not suitable for wearing in a pocket of trousers or jeans because of its size. The wallet for a breast pocket, as a rule, does not have a pocket for change, but there is a compartment for a driver's license (modern type, plastic) with a transparent window.

Bi-fold wallet. This is the usual and most common type of wallet, or rather, a purse. It folds in half and fastens, either with a strap, or simply by slamming like a book. The men's bifold wallet has several compartments for notes that also fold in half. Along with compartments for money, there are pockets for plastic cards, as well as, often, a compartment for coins. Wallets vary in size and smaller ones are great for wearing in the back and front pockets of jeans, trousers, or a jacket.

It is logical that a large men's wallet also has more compartments, while a compact wallet has only two or three compartments. If you are going for a walk or a cultural holiday, then a small men's wallet with several bills and a card is a great option to put it in your jeans pocket and feel "light".

Bi-fold wallet is versatile in terms of wearing with any style of clothing: both casual, sporty and classic.

Tri-fold wallet / wallet. "Trifold" is the most versatile type of purse. It consists of three folding parts and has a large number of compartments and pockets, in a word - everything will fit. "Trifold" is small in size, however, it is thicker and more voluminous than "bifold", due to three folded parts. Numerous branches allow you to take with you several plastic cards, credit cards, discount cards, season passes, as well as a driver's license and banknotes of different currencies. The men's triple-fold wallet, although thicker, fits perfectly in the pockets of jackets, jackets, in handbags / purses.

The tri-fold wallet is ideal for travel, because you can put almost anything in it, without having to sort money and cards into several wallets / pockets.

The multifunctionality of a tri-fold wallet affects its massiveness, but in size it can sometimes be even narrower than a classic wallet.


Clips for money (Money clip). This, of course, is not a wallet, but a quite useful accessory. Its functionality is simple - to clamp folded bills. In the era of "plastic" money clips are gradually losing their relevance.

Cardholder (Front pocket wallet). The name speaks for itself: the accessory is used exclusively for plastic cards, although a folded banknote can be put in.

men's wallets by types: in two, three folds and for a breast pocket

Sizes of a men's wallet: 1. Left - for a breast pocket (breast) - TSC45 Carrara Brown; 2. Top right - bi-fold - TSC42 Arezzo Black; 3. Bottom right - tri-fold - 709 Rifle Oil Brown.

Classic men's wallet. Actually, the wallet does not close at all, but "slams" like a book, and its two parts, under their own weight and the rigidity of the skin, remain in the closed position. If the plastic cards in such a wallet are in their compartments, and the bills are folded in half together with the wallet, then there is no risk that even without a fastener something will fall out of the purse. The advantage is that you do not need to spend extra seconds opening a wallet, as is the case with a "strap" or a zipper.
Men's wallets with a button. The strap with a button provides a more secure closure than the "classic", but the wallet with a strap takes longer to open. Of course, this is a matter of a second and the owner's habit of the purse. If your subjective feelings are calmer with a more reliable type of closure, choose a strap on the button. The button should not be too tight, but not too loose, in order to secure even a tightly packed wallet.
Men's wallets with zippers. Zip closure is inherent in wallets, not wallets, and provides the most secure closure. Lightning is rarely found in men's wallets and is more inherent in women's accessories. Men's wallets with zippers, as a rule, have an original design and stand out favorably against the background of classic types of wallets. In addition, the zipper allows more time to open the wallet, and men do not like "unnecessary movements".
different types of closure of men's wallets: button, zipper, classic
Types of closure of a men's wallet: 1. On the left - classic MZ3 Milan Brown; 2. In the middle - on the TSC42 Arezzo Tan button (strap); 3. On the right is the DRW31 Hawking zipper.

The question can be treated according to the principle "let it be just in case", but if you do not like to use a trifle in the calculation, if you just lay out all the ringing small things at home, you do not need a coin pocket and a man's wallet without a coin will suit you. The coin box always adds volume to the wallet, while its absence, on the contrary, gives the wallet more strict and clear forms.

A coin compartment is always present in women's wallets, but often there are also men's wallets with a coin box. By the way, you can put into the coin box any small items that you don't want to lose (an additional key, "spare parts" from accessories, for example, a screw from glasses, watches, and other trifles).

men's wallets with and without a coin box

Coin holder in men's wallet: 1. Left - with ALP86 Tom Black coin holder; 2. Right - without coin box ALP85 Ozwald Brown.

As with the male models, there are several classes of female wallets:

Classic women's wallet. "Classic" is the most common type of wallet loved by many women. It is oblong, horizontal type, with a top panel covering the main part. On the top panel there is a button that closes the wallet.

The women's wallet has several compartments for full-size banknotes (since no folding), as well as a large compartment for coins that closes with a latch. One of the inner horizontal compartments can be zipped - for example, for the largest bills or currency notes.

On the cover panel of the wallet there may be pockets with windows for rights, photos of family members, etc. On the opposite side there are also pockets for plastic cards. On the outside of the wallet, there is almost always a separate full-length side pocket with a zipper. For convenience, a special fold is made from the end of the pocket, which increases the capacity. The material for making a classic women's wallet is genuine leather, best of all - calf leather, since it is it that is the thinnest, most flexible and aesthetic.

As in the case of a men's wallet, a women's wallet can be double and triple fold - Bi-fold and Tri-fold, respectively. "Bifolds" and "Trifolds" are varied in design and internal content. All have a coin box and side pockets, and they can be closed either with a “slamming” button or with a familiar strap with a button. There are wallets with magnets, which is more convenient for many (since closing is faster and there is no need to "aim" at the button hole). However, magnets are less reliable than push-button closures. In addition, at the place of the magnet, the skin begins to thin rather quickly, from constant pressure, which will eventually lead to rupture of the skin at the site of closure.

Women's trifold and bifold wallets are smaller than the classic wallet, but they are larger. If you like cute "pot-bellied" small women's wallets - you can choose one of these small ones. Despite its compact size, this wallet holds everything you need, plus it always has a side zippered pocket for change.

Clutch wallets. These are multifunctional wallets that are larger than the classic ones and can be closed with both a button and a zipper. They can easily replace a small handbag and hold anything and more.

That is why women's clutch wallets are indispensable in travel: many compartments for various banknotes, documents, several (sometimes up to 20) pockets for plastic cards, pockets with transparent windows for rights and ID cards. One or two internal compartments are zipped, the rest are open at the top for quick access.

Due to the fact that such a wallet stores a large amount of papers and cards, clutch wallets often have additional snap fasteners to prevent accidental opening of even a tightly packed wallet. A side compartment on the outside with a zipper is always present. Standard sizes are 19x11cm.

Frameless wallets. This is our "hello" from the old days, when bills were folded in four and packed together with small change in a rag purse with a latch. Such wallets are practically not found anymore due to their non-functionality. There are exceptions - as a rule, these are artsy design delights "for beauty" and nothing more.

types of women's wallets: classic, two / three-fold and clutches

Sizes of a women's wallet: 1. On the left - classic R11 Paloma Black; 2. In the middle - in two folds (bi-fold) DS80 Sunshine; 3. Right - SP33 Iris Red clutch.

Button. Many women's wallets are closed with a button. The button (on the flap or on the strap), as a rule, is rather tight so that the tightly "packed" wallet does not open in the bag, catching on something (and we know that a woman's bag is the whole Universe). Unlike men's wallets, women's wallets do not exist without a clasp, since they would simply be always wide open due to the large amount of content.
Zipper that fastens the main compartment. Women's wallets with zippers are a little less common than push-button wallets, but for lovers of “Zip-s” the assortment did not disappoint either. Some ladies subjectively perceive zipper as a more reliable way of closing.
Combined closure. In many wallets, different departments have different closure methods. The coin section closes with a button or a latch, one or two inner compartments for the most valuable bills have a zipper, plus a final button that covers the entire wallet.
types of women's wallet closure

Types of women's wallet closure: 1. Left - button (model discontinued); 2. In the middle - zipper SP33 Iris Black; 3. Right - button + lightning RB100 Bermuda Red / Multi.

The question is rhetorical, since a coin box is always present in women's wallets. It is available either in the form of a small pocket, or in the form of a full-size compartment that closes with a latch (much more convenient, especially for ladies with long nails).

coin box in women's wallet

Coin compartment in women's wallet SP33 Iris Red.

For both men's and women's wallets, the optimal number of compartments for plastic cards is important. It is obvious that men always have less of this plastic than women. Let's count: credit and debit cards of one or two banks, discount cards Watsons club, Novus, Fishka, Cosmo, Vlasny rakhunok, a card for a store for animals, beauty salons, a gym membership. We do not take into account those cards that we rarely use. So - 12-15 cards minimum, which are needed constantly. This number of plastic cards perfectly accommodate and organize multifunctional wallets.

multifunctional women's wallet

Multifunctional STR5 Corfu women's wallet with compartments for 15 cards.