Виды натуральной кожи

1. Calfskin - soft and elastic leather made from calf skins up to 6 months old. Basically, the front side of the calf is covered with a smooth pile with a characteristic spotted or even - monochromatic color, and the inside of the skin is a suede-type flesh.


2. The outgrowth is a skin type similar to calf in its characteristics, but the calf can be between 8 and 12 months old. The average size of the outgrowth exceeds the calyx by 1.5 - 2 times, the pile on the front side is coarser. The outgrowth is not so soft and elastic, it is more dense compared to the calf.


3. Nappa - thin and soft semi-aniline leather, made by processing sheepskin and cattle hides.


4. Chevro - made from goat skins by chrome tanning. Chevro is distinguished by softness, elasticity, strength and a peculiar pattern on the face of the hide.


5. Chevret - analogue of chevro, made of chrome tanned sheep skins.


6. Shagreen - dense thick leather made from the backbone of cattle hides.


7. Laika (kid leather) - soft, thin and elastic leather, made from the skins of lambs, kids, chrome tanning and fatliquoring. The front side is smooth, has the same thickness (from 0.3 mm.).


8. Suede - a type of leather made from the skins of sheep, cattle, goats, deer, pigs by fat tanning.


9. Velor - chrome tanned leather; dense, thin, with a velvety or smooth surface.


10. Shaprak - leather made mainly from cattle hides.


11. Shora - a more plastic analogue of the saddlecloth.


12. Yuft (yukhta) - a type of leather obtained by fat tanning from the skin on the belly of cattle.


13. Split leather - leather made by lamination (roughing) of cattle and pig skins after chrome and fat tanning. Skin configuration. • whole skin 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 • half-skin (cut in half along the back) • kulat (whole skin without collar) 1,3,4,7,6,8 • half-kulat (half-kulat along the back) • collar (upper part of whole skin) 2 • saddle cloth (middle of whole skin) 1 • floor (roughly speaking - abdominal part) 3,4,6