What are wallets and purses? OVERVIEW OF ALL KINDS AND TYPES.

A good wallet is a prosperous life

The followers of the Feng Shui philosophy have always said and considered something like this. They are believed to know how to attract wealth and prosperity. Someone believes in this and follows these teachings, someone does not, this is everyone's personal business, but it is still worth using a high-quality and stylish wallet.

All wallets, purses, clutches, bags and other accessories are divided into three large groups: men, women and unisex (those that are suitable for both men and women) The latter often have a bright and non-standard design. These wallets are often bought by young people who prefer a modern, stylish outfit.

A purse, purse or clutch is an indispensable accessory for almost every person. They not only help to carry money and cards, but also emphasize your style and status. Today there are a lot of products of all colors, shapes and sizes.

Today wallets are made from a variety of materials. For several centuries, natural leather has been the most popular. It is the most reliable, durable and popular material. The leather can be dyed in any color. For special gourmets, wallets are made of crocodile leather, stingray and other rare and expensive materials. There are wallets made of fabric, denim. Recently, eco-leather wallets have gained particular popularity. It is a cheap but durable material that looks as good as real leather.




Wallet (wallet) - most often this product is small. Men's wallets come in double and triple fold. In the first version, the bills are folded in half, in the second in three. Wallets often contain a coin box (compartment for coins), they have several compartments for credit cards, sometimes for a license or a photo. Mainly one large compartment for banknotes. They can be fastened with a strap. Such products are worn in trouser pockets, as they are small in size and fit easily there. Wallets are preferred by people leading mainly cashless payments, or lovers of compact solutions.


A purse is a large product, the main feature of which is the ability to lay bills straight without bending them. There is an opinion among the people that money likes to lie flat, it is difficult to say how much truth is in these words ... You can rarely find a coin box in a purse, but there are usually more branches for bank cards here, and much more cash can be placed. Such a product can no longer be carried in external pockets. It is worn in the inner pocket of a jacket, in a bag, clutch, or carried in the hand.


A clutch wallet is a large product that has collected all the advantages of a wallet and a purse. In size, such a product is larger than a classic wallet. It contains all the necessary compartments and compartments. In such a wallet you can put a large amount of cash, a phone, a lot of cards, driving license, documents. It also has a compartment for small change. BBHandcraftedBusiness is a classic example of such a product. Until recently, there was no fashion for such hybrids, everyone preferred classic wallets and purses. It was the BBHandcrafted brand that brought the fashion for such combined solutions.


A zipped wallet is a convenient and practical product that closes with one or two snakes. Inside, as a rule, there is one large, multifunctional compartment. In such wallets there are several compartments for bills, several for bank cards, there is always a compartment for coins and possibly some additional, hidden compartments. It is always convenient to get and put money from such a wallet, you can easily put a phone and other small personal items there.


A clutch is a small or large item made and opened like an envelope. The clutch can have a handle or a strap. Basically, it is worn under the arm holding the bottom. There are clutches for men and women, but more often there are still women. In most cases, the clutch is larger than a regular wallet. It can fit not only a standard set of cards, money and coins, but also a cosmetic bag, a phone and much more.


A purse is a small men's bag designed to contain everything that a man may need with him: a lot of cash, documents, papers, several phones, cigarettes, keys, personal items. Handbags are usually carried in the hand, held by the handle, and sometimes under the arm, like a clutch. Such products are used when an ordinary purse is not enough, and you do not want to carry a full-fledged bag.


The money clip is a small, compact solution for people who want to carry only the essentials with them. The money clip is similar in structure to a wallet in which the money is folded in half. In the middle of the clip there is a metal holder for money, it prevents them from falling out. Along the edges of the clip, where the latch is usually located in the wallet, there are two magnets, they do not allow the product to open itself. In almost all models, magnets are sewn under the material from which the product is made. Often one or two card compartments can be found in the clip, and sometimes a small coin box. It easily fits into any pocket, does not bulge anything and does not cause discomfort when walking.


A cardholder is an even smaller piece than a clamp, but made with the same purpose. In the cardholder, you can place several credit cards and some money folded in three.


Summing up all of the above, we can say with confidence one thing, for each person there is a different type of wallet. It all depends on preference. Someone likes to carry everything in one place, someone thinks that a few cards and a little cash are enough. Choose products so that it is convenient and comfortable for you to walk with it every day. Fortunately, the BBHandcrafted brand provides a huge selection of all kinds of wallets, purses and clutches.