Many people believe that a business card holder, a credit holder, a cardholder are all names of one accessory. This is not so, and today we will tell you how the business card holder differs from the credit card holder.


So let's start with the business card holders. A business card holder is a purse, the purpose of which is to store business cards, and no other cards. This accessory is usually made in the form of a booklet with a cover (preferably thick) with transparent plastic compartments for cards. The number of pockets, holders, for cards can be different and, depending on the purpose, 1 or 2 cards are placed in each compartment. For example, special pocket models always contain only one card, so the accessory remains as thin and compact as possible.

You can choose a large business card holder model, in which there are more than 10 pages, or a desktop version, in which several pockets are placed on each page and a similar accessory is made in the form of an elongated book.


Credit card holder - wallet for storing credit cards

The credit card holder is designed for credit cards, they are plastic (thicker) and 2-3 mm larger than business cards. The principle of the credit card holder is the same - cards are put into the compartment pockets and everything is dressed in a dense, most often leather, cover. The main difference is that the holders in the credit card are placed in a ladder one above the other, they cannot be scrolled through, but simply by opening the cover you can see all the cards at once. The cards fit easily into the compartments and the edge always protrudes to make it easier to find the one you need.

Very often credit cards have a money clip; this technique allows the product to fully replace the wallet. Such models are especially popular in summer, they fit into a pocket of trousers, shorts or into the smallest handbag (purse or clutch).


These accessories come in three main sizes:
· Small (pocket);
Medium (usually designed to be carried in a bag);
· Large (fits in a briefcase, a large women's bag, or is used as a desktop).


Most often, cardholders are sewn (this is a general name for such products) from genuine leather and leatherette. The structure of the material, as well as its color, can be whatever. Women's models are especially pleased with the brightness and variety of shades.


Summing up, we can say that the main difference between these two types of modern accessories is their purpose. Business card holders are designed for business people who often exchange business cards. This is a great gift for a boss or colleague - useful, stylish, and inexpensive. Credit cards are actively used by everyone who has payment cards (and today it is difficult to find a person without them), such a little thing can be presented to your soul mate, friend or girlfriend, anyone you like.