Where to store small change?

Surprisingly, more than two and a half thousand years after their invention, metal coins are still with us. In the age of plastic bank cards and electronic wallets, we have to carry iron money with us. It is easy and pleasant to pay for purchases in shops where cards are accepted, but even in a big city there are many places where progress has not yet reached. In the meantime, the situation is such, it would be nice to find the best answer to the question: where to store the change?
They say how many people, so many opinions, but in this case, as it seems to us, the number of decisions is reduced to a fairly limited number. Let's try to name a few options that men use on a daily basis. Not in order of popularity (since we don't know the statistics), but in a simple listing.
The habit of keeping small change in the pocket of a jacket or coat could be classified as harmful if the benefits of convenience did not outweigh: with one movement of your hand you take out or remove coins. A side negative point is that the fabric of the pocket is constantly protruding, especially if you are "lucky" and the ticket vending machine issued change from a five hundred ruble note in coins.

Many people keep small iron money in a special pocket of trousers or jeans (a small pocket sewn over the main right one). The method is not bad, but there are several drawbacks: a) it is inconvenient to use in winter (you have to unbutton your outerwear), b) the capacity of such a pocket is very limited, c) again, if there are a lot of little things, a flat elegant pocket turns into a big unsightly bump.

The third option involves a bag with external pockets. The method should be taken into account, since it has significant advantages: if the pocket is easily unfastened (for example, it has a magnetic fastener), then it is quite convenient to get coins; well, the pockets of clothes in this case, of course, rest.

Storing little things in an accessory specially adapted for this can speak of a person's accuracy, and perhaps even of his frugality. If you for some reason discarded the three previous methods, then the most obvious option for you will be a wallet with a compartment for coins. You can give many arguments against (increased thickness, take a long time to reach), but an indisputable plus is that all means of payment: small change, bills and cards are in one place. It's comfortable.

Finally, the fifth way is to buy a coin purse and keep only iron money in it. This way, you don't compromise your natural tendency to order, while at the same time you don't have to show off your wallet full of bills every time you only need to get a few coins.